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All my appointments are online using media video.
A first appointment with me will take about an hour and a half. I invite the patient to express in their own words what has brought them to see me and then we expand on their presenting complaint by exploring different aspects of it. I also like to know about any medical history or other complaints that they are prone to and any family history of diseases. To be able to find the right remedy to suit each person I need to find out about you as a person- your likes and dislikes regarding food, temperature, weather etc, how you sleep, your digestion, your personality and character traits, how you respond to your relationship with the world and other people, your ambitions and dreams and desires.
It may be strange for a lot of people to understand why this is necessary. It is for me to be able to choose the right remedy for the individual, as everyone expresses and presents themselves differently to the world. 
Of course, everything is in the strictest confidence. I will ask you to sign my privacy policy and data protection policy which gives you that assurance.
I generally ask people to return for a follow up appointment, which lasts about 45 minutes, within 3-4 weeks depending on what the presenting complaint is. I am happy for patients to contact me in between consultations by email or text if they have any concerns that can't wait till their next appointment.
During the follow up appointment we shall look at what has occurred since the patient has taken the remedy and decide what to do next. This may be no further treatment needed, a change of remedy or a repeat of the same remedy.
People often ask how long will it take to get better. This is all down to many factors - how long they have been ill, how ill they are, their general health, the nature of the illness etc. 
Many people decide to keep coming to see me on a regular basis as patients even when they are well because homeopathy is great for helping to maintain a healthy, balanced life.




"I have been seeing Maureen for 10 years and homeopathy is the only form of health care I choose. I go to Maureen to keep my immune system strong and balanced and homeopathic remedies do that. I used to suffer with colds, asthma and hay fever and homeopathy has cured me of all these. It's a very gentle and powerful form of medicine and works wonderfully with my body's natural healing process. Maureen is kind and empathetic and always gets my remedy spot on!" Kate S. Ashford

"Maureen has been my homeopath for over a decade and has been there for me through terrible eczema, infections and much more. She has been my light in the darkness and back into health. She has taken me through two pregnancies and now guides me and my two boys through childhood illnesses and general well being. She's been a fantastic mentor and continues to be. My boys adore her. Homeopathy has transformed my life and outlook over the last 20 years and Maureen has been a huge part of that." K.P. London

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