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About me

Maureen Chapple RSHom  LCH


I have been working as a homeopath since 1991 when I graduated from The College of Homeopathy, London - (LCH).  I then passed the registration process of The Society of Homeopaths and gained my RSHom. The Society of Homeopaths is the UK's largest group of registered, professional homeopaths, and is a guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured professional homeopath.

All my appointments are conducted online through video media or telephone. I can treat people from all over the world in this way.

I first became interested in homeopathy when my husband returned from the Gulf with an illness that conventional medicine could not help. He was eventually, after 2 years, recommended to a homeopath and , after an initial aggravation of symptoms, he became completely well within a few months. Later I began to take my children to see a homeopath and go for treatment myself. I was so impressed with gentle but powerful action of the remedies and how they were able to help our whole family maintain good health without the use of conventional drugs that I decided to study on a professional course myself. The rest is history.



TELEPHONE 07918 600 717


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